This site was inspired by the life work of the great British psychologist Kevin G Kingsland. Kevin was a creative genius who created what is so far the only complex fractal theory to describe the behavior of complex adaptive systems: Spectrum Theory.

One purpose of this site is to make some of Kevin’s unpublished work available. At his death on May 11th, 2011 he had given me draft copies of ‘The Whole Person‘ and ‘Wealth and Happiness.

The Whole Person (TWP) described the roots, structure and vision for Spectrum Theory (ST).

Wealth and Happiness (W&H) explores the nature of the person from ontological through social domains, introducing the CAB model as a guide to the fractal nature of the human mind. His deep belief in human communication meant that he did not want readers to simply memorize his writing, but provided exercises to encourage them to discover the beautiful reality for themselves.